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Friends are evil (video), See what this man saw inside a yam a friend asked him to bring for him in

A Nigerian man was asked by his Friend to get a yam for him when coming to the US and this was what he saw inside the yam. Read!!

I'm glad you joined me on my weekends review today. I really appreciate that. it my culture to bring to you all that has happened this weekend, both local and world News, so always visit to be updated.

Today we want to review, on the incident that occurred on Thursday this week. where a friend who is based in the US asked his Nigerian friend to bring him a yam while coming. Get this, the US based Friend was trying to smuggle weed using the Nigerian guy.

This was a statement made by the Nigerian guy:

"A friend of mine asked me to deliver a yam to him, when visiting the US, so I collected the yam and decided to examine it to be sure of what i was about to deliver.

Because I'v heard countless stories, where many people falls victim of transporting hard drugs, to a friend. without them knowing, and at the end get arrested in the airport and would then be deported. When i examined the yam as an ex-service man, i discovered he filled it with weeds. I guess he was trying to implicate me." he said.


This method has become very useful to most drug dealers and addicts, as they uses this, to smuggle drug into one country to another.

I hope you learnt from this guys experience, this could happen to anyone. Let be careful so as to avoid troubles.

This guy would have been arrested and charged for smuggling drug into another country.

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