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Two Recommendations the Senate should have deliberates rather than life imprisonment to Kidnappers

The kidnapping rate and demanding a lump sum amount of money as ransom in Nigeria is becoming increasingly unbearable. Initially, the punishment for anyone found guilty of kidnapping is ten years imprisonment, yet the menace keeps rampaging.

The unfair part of it is the kidnappers killing the kidnapped victims after receiving the demanded ransom. So, on Tuesday, the Senate recommended that any kidnapper caught would be sentenced to life imprisonment. Unfortunately, the Senate didn't address the significant issue that brings about kidnapping, which is unemployment.

If sentencing them to ten years imprisonment didn't cause kidnapping to reduce, what is the probability that life imprisonment would be the solution? Instead of recommending life imprisonment to kidnappers, these are two significant issues the Senate should have deliberate, which I believe would have curbed the kidnapping menace in Nigeria.

The Senate should have deliberated on how to empower and train law enforcement agencies. Undoubtedly, the law enforcement agencies in Nigeria lack trained personnel and equipment or facilities to track kidnappers. The Senate should discuss how to equip the law enforcement agencies by educating them and acquiring sophisticated gadgets, which will enable them to track the kidnappers as soon as possible. Once the kidnappers know that if they involve in the kidnapping, the law enforcement agencies can easily track them and rescue the victims, it creates fear in them to engage in the act.

Job Creation is another solution. One of the causes of kidnapping is poverty, which is as a result of unemployment. There is a saying that, "An idle hand is devil's workshop." Ideally, anyone who has nothing doing has various thoughts coming into his or her heart, which kidnapping can be one of the options, all in a means to survive. So rather than deliberating on sentencing kidnappers to life imprisonment, the Senate should have recommended how to create jobs for the unemployed youth, which will make them busy.

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