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Hilarious: Uniben Student recovered His stolen 3,000 naira with Just a bucket and Red Paint,

The Covid-19 Outbreak may have halted the resumption of schools around the country but it did not separate the communication between students who continually use online platforms to reach out to one another.

Students around the country constantly tweeting or posting daily of their experiences in the University. Recently a story was shared by a uniben Student who recounted his early days in the School Hostel. He said;

"My first year in Uniben I stayed in the Hostel and it was the worst moment of my life. One day towards the end of the semester I went to have my bath and before I came back someone took the three thousand in my wallet. The money was for my anthropology textbook. I left one of my roommates in the room and I was pretty sure he was the one that stole it. I asked him and he flared up. Baba almost slap me sef. He was in final year and I was a Fresher. Tears welled up in my eyes so I planned for him".

I went to a nearby bank and redraw 2000 naira, then I branched BDPA and bought a bucket and a red paint then I drew some inscriptions on it. Then I put 6 boiled eggs inside it then i returned it to my room.

When everyone came back that evening I announced that I will put the bucket my Grandma gave me in the room and I would be pouring bowls of water everyday and for seven days that at the end of the seventh day the person that stole my 3000 stomach will explode.

Everyday I religiously poured water inside the bucket and I noticed the guy I was suspecting became uneasy. As God would have it, he now had malaria. On the sixth day, I decided to be more dramatic and I added for bowls of water and the guy was like "Osi why are you adding more water". I was like "I want the person's stomach to burst quickly".

By the time I came back from school, I met a crowd in my room. My 400 level roommate was covered in Blanket shaking and weeping. He held my leg and said "please take ur 3000 back please. I was like "so you were the one that took my 3000 right". I said the gods say it's late already. He started wailing. I told him I would call my Grandmother and see what can be done. People started begging me so I went ahead and made a fake call and said it 10000 I would take from him so I can make the additional sacrifice. He paid the money so carried the bucket outside and told him I would be back. I went and threw the bucket at JsQ and stopped at Mama Delta to flex the my new found money.

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