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This man should be arrested and jailed for inflicting so much pain on his daughter (VIDEO)

Spare the rod and spoil the child they say, but the physical rod should not be used all the time to avoid damage to the body and soul of the child.

The video of a father beating her teenage daughter mercilessly surfaced online and it has really sparked mixed reactions from people.

And what's more annoying about this is the reason why the dad was beating the poor girl which was because she joined a Whatsapp group he had warned her not to join.

Yeah, she disobeyed, but what the father is doing can't be called discipline anymore, it is child abuse. You need to see the way the father was heating her real hard.

She was told to lay on the floor, while the dad was hitting her without mercy and the voice of the mother could be heard in the background supporting the barbaric act.

They still went ahead to make a videotape of the process, now it's all over the internet which could lead to an emotional trauma for the poor girl and might make her take drastic action to save herself from public shame among friends.

African Parents please take things easy, the world is evolving, let's try and change a bit too in abusing our kids.

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