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Scam Alert: How I Was Almost Scammed Through This New Tactics Used By Fraudsters

Good day readers of Opera Hub.

I have been reading on various social media platforms on how the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have been apprehending internet fraudsters for a long time and I never think that one day I will be a potential victim. I used to think highly of myself, that I am computer-wise being a student of software engineering in one of the prestigious institution in Nigeria. But these scammers usually study their victims, strategize and adapt before coming in hard. They always devise a plan, scheme a cunning way to cheat vulnerable people of their hard earned money.

Let me make this clear to you all. Never laugh or mock a victim of scam because you do not know what they plan for you in the future. It is not about being wise, intelligent, literate or educated. As I mentioned above, these wicked fraudsters always study their victims in their own way and approach him or her with best cunning method they think suitable and I'm sure you will learn this better from my own experience.

So I'm a student of software engineering, I am very good at my field if I may say. You know schools are closed in this time of Corona Virus, I decided to use my time at home wisely so i applied for a remote job to a firm, waiting to be called for a virtual interview that they kept postponing abruptly. I doubt the legitimacy and seriousness of the firm, I searched extensively on Google but nothing convincing.

Later at night, I received a mail from one Monica Brown. We exchanged mails for some minutes and she disclosed to me that she got my mail from the firm, that sensed that I can be trusted. She kept telling nice attributes to me and I appreciated her, thanked her and bade her good night. Later in the morning, I checked my mail only to see another new unread messages from Monica Brown.

That's how it all started. She said that she will entrust me with something very precious, s and that I have to promise to her not to disclose it to anybody not even my parents because it is her secret. I was curious but kept my calm, I replied that I can not keep promise of something I know nothing of. I asked her to tell me whatever it is that I promise to assist her in anyway I can.

This is when she revealed to me that she is an American military Officer, her real name is Sergeant Monica Brown, working on a peace mission in Yemen. That on their way to an operation, they discovered huge sums of money in an abandoned terrorist outpost in Yemen. They decided to share the money with her team and so wanted to transfer her share to invest in Nigeria.

I said no problem, this is easy I can help her set her grounds here in Nigeria. So, she sent pictures of wards of cash in a bag, tied and readied for transport. Later in the day, she asked of my address and phone number for a delivery company that will deliver the money to me in Nigeria. She said I will pay them some money for their duty upon receiving the parcel. This is where I sensed scam, but I pretended that like all is normal.

In the evening, the supposed delivery company called my number that I should come with the cash. I kept playing with them on phone and later blocked their number not after exchanging some harsh words on the phone.

So, my fellow Nigerians, I hope you have read this my experience. You see how internet fraudsters are devising new ways to cheat us. Let this be a words of caution to you. Comment your opinion.

Content created and supplied by: Rasheeed (via Opera News )

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