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I Secretly Followed A 'Madman' To His Residence And What I Found Out Still Baffles Me (FICTION)

Since the very first day that I parked into my new house, I have been noticing a particular young man(probably between 28 to 35 years old). This man is not 'mentally stable' because he is always sitting on dirt, talking and shouting to himself, sometimes he would dive into the muddy water screaming "I am swimming, come and join me in my expensive swimming pool". This 'madman' has been on that street for long and nobody even knows much about him because they don't even care. 

So on a particular sunny afternoon, I saw this 'madman' sitting beside the gutter, he was displaying his weird actions. When he leaned over to where I was staying, I saw something that looks just like a mobile phone. "A madman has a mobile phone?", I said to myself. As soon as it was 5 o'clock, I stood up and decided to go inside my house because I have been watching this man since I came to the front of my gate. Immediately I stood up, this 'madman' started packing his items, so I decided to follow him secretly.

I followed him without letting him know, I was a little bit afraid. After following him for over an hour, this man stopped at a particular big house. I could not see the name of the street because it was a little bit dark. As soon as this man stopped at this house, I said to myself "what is this man doing here? Is this where he stays at night?". This man opened this gate and before he could close the gate, I dived inside silently and he did not even notice. I kept on following him secretly. This house I was in, it is a very big house and there was nobody else in this house apart from the two of us. Immediately he went inside, I had to peek through the window and what I found out is still a mystery to me. This man who claims to be mad is actually very sane, he went inside, took his bath and came back to the sitting room with a very big bag. He opened the bag and started counting lots of dollars. "This man is not even mad at all, he has been deceiving us since", I said to myself. The money was so much that I could not even keep track of it. 

Since that day, I have been seeing him on the street but I do not even know what to do to him. I have been asking myself since then, "Should I ask him questions or report him to the police?". What do you all think I should do? Please advise me on this issue.

Photo credit: All photos used are for illustration and were sourced from Google Images. 

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