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(Crime Scene) How Hackers Can Swipe Your Bank Account

Let me drop the experience I know about the online hackers with current attempts by fraudsters to access people's bank accounts through email, text messages and phone calls.. 

It is important we are armed with the knowledge of the different ways our bank accounts can be hacked by fraudsters. This will help us better to realize their cunning patterns and avoid their traps and keep our money safe.

Don't fall into trusting their emails messages and phone calls.. If you received any mail concerning your account issue, it is better for you to go to the bank than resolving it on calls or email because you think it is short cut than wasting your time by going to the bank.. "You don't do that", 

use your bank’s helpline if you have one to confirm. Do not be quick or at all share your bank details through any means, no matter how genuine it seems. Always be careful with emails, text messages and phone calls.

Did you know?? Some of the hackers get your personal information on your social media profile, your name, email, phone number and date of birth.. That's the easiest way for them to swipe off your money in your bank account.

And with this basic information, the guru among the hackers can get past other options change your PIN and access your account only if you fall into their phone calls, text messages, etc.

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