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Reactions To Video Of A Hefty Body Builder Being Beaten To A Pulp By A Thin Looking Man.

It is believed that having a thick muscle mass translates to physical strength and power, but a video which has been shared by a Twitter user has proven that such beliefs may be false, as a heavily built man was shown in the video being beaten by a thinner looking man after they both fought. 

Indeed most of us have always believed that body builders have more physical strength and can easily beat up non body builders whenever a fight arises. This belief is even held on a more corporate scale, which is why club bouncers, personal bodyguards and the rest are always made up of hefty looking body builders.

In the video which was shared by a Twitter user, an altercation had ensued between a man who looked hefty and another man who looked way thinner. While the hefty looking body builder was boasting of his strength, the thinner looking man attacked him and put him to the ground, kicked him several times before landing several blows on the body builder while he was pinned on the ground. This incident happened to the amazement of passers-by. 

The video has caused a lot of reactions, with several persons saying that the video incident showed that having huge muscle mass does not translate to physical strength. Others countered this belief and said that the only reason the thinner man could beat up the other was because the body builder was caught off guard. 

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