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If You Are From Nigeria, This Post Is For You

Nigerians are always on the look at what the Government of the day has to offer to them. They depend on the Government for empowerment, employment, manpower development, skill acquisition, protection of properties, etc. Have you ever asked yourself what you as an individual owes the Government nor Nigeria as a nation?

Have you asked your self the above question? Have you asked yourself if you are a patriotic citizen?

My dear readers, I want to use this medium to let you know that you owe this nation the following things which will be discussed hereunder. After this post, I urge you all to start now to perform your own side of the bargain.

In this regard let me state this categorically that as you became a Nigerian citizen, you entered into a social contract with the Government and the nation at large. A contract where you gave up your rights to the "authorities" called Government to collectively safeguard your property, protect your life and that of your families, provide welfare for you and protect whatever interest of yours is there to be protected.

Over the years our leaders have been trying to ensure these. I give them a pass mark at least for performing their duties even though not entirely.

You as a citizen how have you helped them (the Government) achieve the "desired Nigeria" that you always glamour for. I will leave you to ask your conscience. meanwhile, continue with the reading.

Please read this with serenity.

The following under-listed items are what you owe this country and should endeavour to fulfil them in order to actualize the desired Nigeria.

Put in a different language below are the duties you owe this country as a Nigerian citizen:

1. You are expected to comply with the constitution and other laws of the country.

Under this obligation, each Nigerian is relied upon to comply with all the laws of the nation. It utilizes them to be well behaved in all implications. You want a better Nigeria then you must first and foremost be law-abiding. Obedient to the laws of the land is what is expected of you at all times as a Nigerian. Please note it.

2. Obligation to respect and value the National banner and the National song of devotion

Numerous Nigerians are attached to utilizing the National banner uncautiously with no regard for it. They parade Government orders decisively. They set the Nigerian banner on fire during their political frenzy. For God sake why do this. Where is your love for this country? while indulge in destroying National symbol? This is a symbol of our solidarity to this country. It pains me so much seeing young fellas burning down a police station together with the erected National flag. Please after reading this post stop indulging in these kinds of activities.

3. Obligation to render any National assistance as might be expected of you.

National Youth Service Corps can be viewed as a national help in such a manner. On the off chance that you are in the military, National assistance includes battling and safeguarding your nation Nigeria against outside powers. Saying you would prefer not to battle in such manner implies that you have fizzled in your obligation as a military official. Same applies to others in different divisions of the economy or nation. You want a better Nigeria, in what way are you helping to salvage the insurgency. It is also your duty to assist the security agency in curbing insurgency and criminality. Have you done that?. I leave you to answer that.

4. Obligation to live in harmony, solidarity and incongruity with each other.

As a Nigerian resident, the law expects you to find a sense of contentment with your neighbours. Disregard squabbles evade perniciousness and battling. When this is achieved, everybody will live in peace. The society will be governable and everybody will be happy. Have you been in peace with your neighbour?. Have you been the one causing the commotions and upheavals in your neighbourhood?. If yes please turn a new leave.

5. Obligation to render help to constituted authorities in the support of peace.

Most Nigerians are accustomed to concealing and holding lawbreakers from been gotten by the law implementation organization. Now and again they do it because of compassion. In the event that you are a kid, woman, mother, father or relative that enjoys concealing a criminal that has been announced needed please halt and hand them over to the police. You will be in net rebellious to your dearest nation on the off chance that you do the opposite. On the off chance that you are in the long run gotten, you would be marked an assistant or an 'embellishment sometime later' and charged to court in like manner. 

I hope you understand what I mean here. Stop harbouring criminals. Expose them to the police so that the crime rate will reduce.

6. Obligation to pay up your tax.

Paying of tax is something you ought to do as a Nigerian resident. The law says you should to do so. These duties you pay are what are utilized to construct streets, schools, medical clinics, recreational offices, give pipe-borne water, power and so on. The advantages you appreciate for paying your tax are colossal. It is your obligation, so I utilize you to begin paying your tax now on the off chance that you were hesitant in doing as such previously. 

Beloved readers it would be ideal if you try to watch all these. This is the thing that you owe your dearest nation Nigeria. I hope you have been able to put them in your fingertips. This is what I employ you take note of because you are from Nigeria and you are a Nigerian citizen.

Disclaimer: The writer's intention is not to mock any individual who has failed in its duty to this great country but to educate, remind and enlighten them on what is required of them as incredible citizens of this country at all times. They should therefore not treat this post with contempt but embrace its letters with a kind heart.

Nigerian citizens are the best indeed.

May God bless Nigeria.

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