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Rape Victims in Nigeria

There has been a lot of debate and heated emotions surrounding the issue of rape and the unraveling of several cases across the country.

Rape, in reality has eaten deep into the fabric of our society, so much so that it has become “normal” that when we hear about another rape case happening we just look and pass. Until it affects someone we know or in the case where someone high profile (pastor, celebrity, politician) is the rape offender.

Take for instance the recent case of the young and beautiful Uwaila Vera Omozuwa, who was raped and killed in a church in Edo state or the disturbing case of a 3 month old baby (allegedly) raped by an unknown person in Nasarawa state.

Rape cases happen everywhere in Nigeria, perhaps almost everyday. Even in that little village of yours, someone is being raped. It could be a little girl, a baby, a teenage boy or a middle-aged person.

We also discovered that perhaps people are unaware of the statistics, or the profiles of offenders and victims.

We took the responsibility to represent these insights for Nigerians to better understand rape cases in Nigeria, with the hope that it informs us better and helps to curb the issue of rape in some way.

Below is a representation of who these rape victims are, based on a report developed by Oludayo Tade and Collins Udechukwu, as well as NOIPOLLS rape poll report.

(Image credit:

From here we can see that almost everyone in every age range is being raped, with the most cases happening with people from the ages of 1–30 years. Obviously most are female, with a low proportion of the numbers happening with males.

We all want this disturbing act to stop so our brothers, sisters, children can really be safe. You too can help in initiating this change for good.

Let’s play our role in keeping us all safe by signing this petition, and immediately reporting any rape case we know of to the authorities.


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