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Breaking: Soldier Tries To Shoot Man Who Slapped Him For Breaking Lockdown Order (Video)

Below is a video showing a soldier cocking his gun as he attempts to shoot a man who flouted the COVID-19 lockdown order.

The man and two orders were arrested by the soldier who gave them a punishment to do for flouting the order.

One of them who couldn’t stand the punishment which was followed by flogging decended on the soldier with slaps.

In retaliation, the soldier cocked his gun and chased after the man who took to his hills.

Since the initiation of the lock-down ordered by the President of Ghana, the security forces have played their role in making sure that Ghanaians adhere to the “stay at home” directive as part of measures to curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in the country.

A young man who for no reason stepped out just to film military officers on duty was punished after he was caught.

The man whose name is not yet identified claimed to have stepped out to purchase an earpiece of his phone. Unfortunately for him, the soldiers took his phone and destroyed it after which he was ordered to sweep and tidy up the streets of Kasoa where the incident happened.

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