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Magu Released From Detention, Says Current Travail Is A Case Of Dog Eat Dog

Ibrahim Magu

In his first statement to the media after his release from the 10days detention, the suspended acting EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu has described what happened to him as a case of dog eat dog. As common as this cliche is, interpreting it into the realities the Magu's saga have thrown up, would mean that those fighting Magu are same as he; which leads us to the shock and surprise so far expressed by some Nigerians over the corruption heist that Magu and his fellow traveller presided over, with the EFCC. In other words those accusing Magu are not different from him, only that the have more access to power manipulation than him.

Truth is having been released, Magu should move on to clear every corruption allegation against him and desist from weeping up media sympathy, by his rhetorics. He called the allegation against him, clear nonsense; but Nigerians demands that he answer to them all, whether he calls them clear nonsense or not. For Magu himself have in the past fabricated nonsense corruption cases against Nigerians, which he could not defend in court, and the EFCC ended up losing those cases.

Magu, shortly after his release

Suddenly Magu wants Nigerians to stand by him to fight for him, when he should be responding to every allegation against him with unambiguous explanation to prove that the EFCC under him, was not a channel for corruptly enriching himself and a few of his team members, who have been identified as Magu's boys by some EFCC officials. In his statement to the press, Magu asked Nigerians to own the corruption fight, and continue to stand against corruption. indeed, it is standing against corruption that has led to him being investigated, and his cooperation with the investigation panel, by answering to all allegation unequivocally, will be his contribution to joining Nigerians to stand against corruption. For it is easy to mask oneself as fighting corruption when in power as the head of the anti-corruption agency as he was. Certainly, the abuse of investigation process that Nigerians have always complained about, with regards to the EFCC treatment of suspects is what Magu is been exposed to now; with no cover of official position.

It is hugely absurd for Magu to be tagging the allegation against him as the risk of the job, as he has done in his statement to the media. There is no risk of job in being accused, what is needed is to clear one's name with verifiable evidences. So Magu should provide evidence to the contrary of the accusations against him. Come to think of it, what were the files of politicians, accused of corruption doing in Magu's house, instead of the EFCC's office? For instance, the petition against Oshiomhole has been with the EFCC since 2016, yet Magu's EFCC did nothing about it, as he kept the file among those that were preserved in his residence, until they were found during the recent raid on his home. Also, what happened to the petition against Bola Tinubu on the Bullion van case? Were these and many others, the risk of the Job Magu talks about???

Interestingly Nigerians cannot be fooled by mere appeal to emotions, in the media as Magu tries to do. As a matter of fact, Magu was severally rejected by the Senate, as incapable of heading the EFCC, but the Buhari's government kept him in an acting capacity for 5 good years, a practices that has never been before. Maybe the Buhari's government did kept him in acting capacity to allow him serve their purpose, and peradventure Magu is no more relevant to them now and he has to be eased out debased, so that he won't be able to arrogate to himself any knowledge of hidden dealings by the government. No matter what Magu may call the allegation against him, both Malami and himself have cases to answer, and Nigerians are waiting to hear them.

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