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SAY NO TO CRIME: Remembering Mighty Joe, The Robber That Met His Waterloo In 1973

Image Credit/ Source: Historyville

Isiaka Busari, popularly called "mighty Joe" was a notorious robber who terrorized the entire neighborhood, mighty Joe and his henchmen were equally responsible for umpteen theft and deaths, he was good at disguising himself in the midst of people. And the rest is history.

Isiaka Busari ''Mighty Joe'', met his end in June 1973. 

His last words were: "May God bless everybody, both my friends and enemies. Tell my wife, my mother and my in-law to keep fit."

I remember seeing this edition of the daily times later around 1999. My grandfather used to keep newspapers then.

Mighty Joe was as bad and as dangerous as Lawrence anini, shina Rambo, Dr oyenusi etc, Shina Rambo is now a new man, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is very fortunate.

He robbed more of Edo and Yoruba axis like Ogun, he like women brothels, he was an excellent fire arm handler, he was not afraid of soldiers or police.

A book was written about him, titled "mighty Joe met his waterloo".

It's crazy how people got themselves in social vices, yet attracting themselves a very sad ending. We are all going through bad situations in this world; but we keep on thriving with the little successes that our hard work has yielded over the years, in effect in it we have outgrown being defeated.

May God halt our minds from erring lifestyles just to eat.

This was an era criminals face instant judgement. Nowadays they are rubbed in the head and given chieftacy titles.

Source: Historyville

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