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This is what has happened to my wife who left me for a rich man, a lesson for every woman (Fiction)

My name is Paul Abu. I am a young man of 34 years old. I live in and work in Kaduna State, a teacher by profession.

I got married to my wife (now my former wife) in the year 2018, about two years now. My wife and I have one child together out of frustration. The baby died having undergone what I called a willful frustration on the part of my wife. I don't want to accused anyone of having a hand in the death of the child if not I would have categorically pointed an accusing finger on my wife. This could be generated from the fact that my wife used to refer to the child as the only obstacle hindering her planned divorce. She used to threaten that if not for the baby, she would have left me long, long time before. My brothers and sisters, my baby boy began a strange disease that had no cure medically. I said that because there was no hospital I did not take the baby to in Kaduna, no doctor was able to find out the cause of the strange and unusual ailment. The only report I got from one doctor in a government hospital was that the boby might have been poisoned, because his stomach kept swelling and mostly protruding like a pregnant woman.

My tribal elderly man who came to check on the child's health advised that we should take the baby to the village for a provisional traditional medicine since the hospitals cannot detect the cause of the ailment. My wife reluctantly refused to take the child to the village. Unfortunately, the baby gave up the ghost the following morning.

Reason why my wife left me and how I later found out that she started misbehaving towards me because of a rich man

My wife once told me that if she knew that I was a teacher, she wouldn't have accepted to marry me in the first place. She always complain that I didn't tell her the kind of job I do all the time that I used to come to her in the village. There was one particular day that she cried herself out that I deceived by not telling her that I was a teacher. What is wrong with me being a teacher? She said that she had never imagined herself getting married to a teacher, that teachers are poor.

Meanwhile, one of my neighbuors had told me that there is one of my in-law that always comes to my house some times when I leave for work. My wife had earlier told this neighbour of mine that the man that comes to our house is her uncle. I didn't believe him because my wife never told me having an uncle in Kaduna here.

My brothers and sisters, this is the rich man that my wife left me for. To cut the long story short, my wife had told the rich man that I was her brother that she only came to stay with me in Kaduna here.

That means my wife and the rich man were dating long before the death of my child unknown to me. It was her relationship with the rich man that had made her to misbehave all along unknown to me.

I later found out that my wife and rich man doing nonsense in my room all along unknown to me.

This is what happened to her in the home of who she thought was a rich man - All that glitters is not gold.

My wife made a very huge mistake ever in her life to have left me for who she taught was a rich man. Her thought for the as a rich man turned to become a poor rich man's family driver who came lying to my village innocent and journey just come wife. I'm far away better than her so called rich man. All that glitter is not gold. Don't think things are always the way you see them.

My wife is suffering in the home of her thought to be rich man's house and was allegedly ran away from the home because of the beaten she also receive in the hand of the man. She cries and regrets her actions almost every single day since she left me for the man. Someone very close to her told me that she is finding a way of coming back to me, but I just took that as rumour even though there is an atom of truth in every rumour heard.

The photo used here is for illustration only.

I have every right to jubilate but I won't do that because I know she didn't know what she did. This was someone I loved so much and this is how she ends up her marital life. I pity her.

Married women should always pray for their husband no matter the kind of job th husband is doing. Love your husband and not the job he does.

What do you think about the kind of girl I married? What will be your advice to young ladies both married and unmarried?

Please share your thoughts in the comment box as it may go a long way stabilizing families on the verge of break up.

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