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My experiences with cultists

In one point in time,some individuals must have come in contact with some area boys or thugs.But this is different from coming in contact with cultists.

I can remember vividly when i was still in Christ Ambassadors College secondary school sabo(ss1 precisely),we had just finished our exam papers so we decided go swimming in Juji part of sabo.

We were about seven (7) in number.We were all aware that school children who went to the river to swim always got attacked by the cultists in that area,but we loved adventure.The seven of us hid our cloths and valuables in an abandoned building to avoid them from getting stolen and seized by the cultists.

We all got into the river and were enjoying the coldness of the water before we noticed that two of us were missing.We traced them to the building where we hid our properties,the cultists had come,the way they traced our properties was a mystery.

At our arriving there,one of our classmates was already in tears after receiving numerous slaps some the cult boys after he refused bringing out our belongings.He was slapped with a ring which had charms in it.The cult boys had weapons also.Some of our properties were seized,but we retrieved them back. The only thing i lost was my newly purchased wrist watch.

That was my first experience,now my second experience.I had completed secondary school by then,i was heading to pick my junior brother from school before some cult boys called me.I responded because i thought i knew them,it was when i got closer to them i realized i knew none of them.

Actually they were six in number,but it was just me.The wanted seizing my phone and money,but they did not know how to go about it because i was also looking rugged.I was accused of "capping and weed possession too.I escaped their presence through God's help.

This is just some of the experiences i have had.There are other experiences ,but i will stop here.

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