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Think before you say: what this boy said that almost cost his life.

This boy was allegedly arrested for licking his brother's secret.

Okoye wisdom, a Facebook user popularly known as mizta jboy has been arrested by the police over an issue of him telling his that his own brother is a yahoo boy .

The boy who was arrested in the middle of this week after exposing his brother's secret, a friend who he trusted so much exposed him, that is to say, mind who you tell your secret.

My brother don hammer for yahoo yahoo, was the statement made by the boy and his friend go on to report the case to the police.the question was, how come you transform into a street hawker to a Facebook nigga , the said, my bro don hammer for yahoo yahoo.

The boy was arrested asking to provide his brother and being tortured in the police station my advice to you is know who you talk to, be mindful of your friends because some are just fake and report to police in case like this.

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