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Saw My Wife Fighting with a Taxi Driver, I want a Divorce (Fiction)

This problem is about to tear my home apart. I am a well respected man in my neighborhood and i cannot stomach the thought of what my wife did.

Before i married her, i repeatedly reminded her that i am a man of integrity and Will never want my family's business in public.

We both discussed a lot of things prior to our wedding and felt we were compatible.

My neighbors normally told me that my wife is troublesome but i always dismissed their claims. Indeed she is troublesome but i always resist the urge to call her out in public.

Then came last week, i was on my way home from work. I got to my neighborhood and saw that people gathered near our compound.

As i was driving close to the crowd, i saw my wife holding an elderly man's shirt.

I tried to speed off but heard people saying "see her husband here ". I had to alight the car and see what the problem was.

I was so ashamed to call her my wife.

It happened that she told the taxi driver to take her to our estate from the market but did not tell him that he will be dropping her inside the estate.

They agreed on #800.00( Eight hundred naira), remember that she did not tell him that they would be entering the estate. He only told her the price for getting to the estate that she told him about.

When they got to the entrance of our estate, the man packed beside the road and asked for his money. She told him that he they have not gotten to her destination.

The man reminded her that she only told him about the estate and told her driving her to her house would incur additional charge. My wife refused to respond but only told him to take her to the house.

When they got to our house, she gave him #1,000 (One thousand naira) and was asking for change. The man told her that he will be collecting his extra charge.

According to the man, she grabbed him by the neck and demanded for her change and the man hit her arm. She then held the man's shirt for hitting her arm.

I asked her if that was what happened, she refused to say a word. I told the man that he should not have hit her arm and he apologized sincerely.

My anger is that my so-called wife should not be see arguing about #200( Two hundred naira ). She has refused to work and insisted that i pay her monthly which i accepted.

Although i pay her monthly, i still give her money for foodstuffs anytime she asks. Now tell me why my so-called wife would be disgracing me in public?

I don't know what to do.

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