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11-Year-Old Child Commits Suicide On Mother's Day As Gift For His Mum

Tragedy struck as 11 years old boy reportedly committed suicide on Mother's Day as a gift to his. A facebook user Kai Marie took to her social media page to share the shocking story with the suicide note the teenage boy left behind for his mom informing the mother that 'on today's special day' he wants his mother to be the happiest ever.

The teenage boy wrote in the suicide not that every day the mother always telling him that happiness left her the very day she gave birth to him. He stressed further that his mum always looked at him with no love from her but he never stopped loving her, he maintained that he was always admireing his mom as the best mother on earth.

He finally told his mother in the suicide note that the best best gift he could give his mother was to leave her life, she always told him she wish he was never born, that his dad left the day he was born

As it was share on Facebook read;

"An 11-year-old child committed suicide on Mother's Day as a gift to his mother. He left a letter saying "on today's special day, I want you to he happiest ever. Everyday you used to say that hapinness left your the day i was born . You told me dad left us because of me. So today i want to change things. So i want you to be happy and live as if I've never been in existed. You told me you'd never looked at me with love but i had always loved you and admired you as the best mom on earth. Hope one day you will think of me. I hope in heaven you will finally hold me and kiss me. The best gift i could give you is to leaving your life as you've always told me you wished i was never born. Love you mama, happy Mother's Day." Please be careful of what you say to your kids. Words do cut deep.

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