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This is Total Wickedness: Lady poured Hot Water on Her 14-year-old Stepsister [Photos and Facts]

This is total wickedness: Lady poured hot water on her 14-year- old step sister[Photos and Facts]

Photo: Khadija Dauda

Every day, we come across one incident or the other that baffled us and we don't know why such occur in our society.

Some people are very inhuman and shows a high level of wickedness to their fellow colleagues, friends, and even siblings.

Have you seen a situation where a young girl whose mother is dead, and she's only 14 years old, and still being maltreated by her own blood siblings? That is the sad incident that happened recently.

Recently, a very sad incident happened in Kogi State, Nigeria. A woman poured hot water on her stepsister after having some misunderstandings with her.

The burn was very severe and the victim is currently receiving treatment at a hospital.

The victim was a 14-year-old girl whose name is Zainab Dauda. We've gathered that Zainab Daud lost her mother last year and ever since she constantly gets turtored by her step-siblings in the Zainab Dauda, 14-year-old, daily news.

The woman that did such an inhuman act is named Khadija Dauda.

Khadija has been arrested and would be tried in court soon. Several parts of Zainab’s body have been badly scalded as a result of the hot water poured on her body and the state government of Kogi state has vowed to make sure that justice is done and Khadija is punished accordingly.

Meanwhile, the Kogi state government has taken full responsibility for the treatments of the 14-year old Zainab.

More details later...

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