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10 things Hushpuppi’s AED 1.6Billion (N168 billion) loot can do.

10 things Hushpuppi’s N168 billion loot can do. 

Nigerian King of Flamboyant lifestyle Hushpuppi was accused of stealing N922,857 Usd from a New York based company and conspired to steal 100 million pounds from an English Premier League club also involve in a cyber heist amounting to 14.7 million Usd stolen from Bank of Valeta in Malta in February 14 2019.

He was arrested in June 10th in Dubai U.A.E and He has been indicted to the United States July 2nd and may face a 20 years jail term in federal prison if convicted.

The money stolen by internet fraudster Ramon Olorunwa Abass aka Hushpuppi is so enormous and he is termed the richest yahoo boy ever liveth and the loots stolen can solve any of these things listed below

1.Hushpuppi's loot can Fund the reconstruction of Lagos- Ibadan Expressway (project awarded at 167 Billion Naira)

2.Hushpuppi's loot can Construct 5 Lekki-Ikoyi Bridges (a 1.36 km cable stayed bridge built at 29 Billion Naira)

3.Hushpuppi's loot can Build 21,000 units of a 3.bedroom bungalow at 8 Million Naira per unit.

4.Hushpuppi's loot can Build 4 Stadia at least (Akwa Ibom Stadium standard) Built at 96 Million USD (37.1 Billion Naira)

5.Hushpuppi's loot can Buy 14,440 units of hospital grade ventilators at 30,000USD per units (11.6 Million Naira)

6.Hushpuppi's loot can Pay the Tuition fee of 5400 engineering students (at Covenant university for 31 years at 1,002,500 each for 100 levels)

7.Hushpuppi's loot can Pay Nigeria's President's salary (N14,058,820 for 11,000 years)

8.Hushpuppi's loot can Fund Osun 2020 Budget (119 Billion Naira with 49 Billion Naira left over)

9. Hushpuppi's loot can Build 8 Cargo airports in Nigeria at (20 Billion Naira each)

10. Hushpuppi's loot can Send 5,988 Nigerians to Harvard (at 28,051,513 tuition fee)

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