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Say No to Suicide: 7 Questions To Answer Before Suicide

One of the most recent suicide cases among the Nigerian youths prompted this retrospective article. Veronica Bako an Undergraduate student at the University of Calabar lost one hundred thousand naira to scammers who promised to double the money for her within hours. When it dawned on her she has lost the money which her parents gave her for school needs, she took her life by drinking poison.

The question is why should such a youngster who has enormous future ahead decide to take her life because of a minor obstacle? Life generally is fraught with challenges and only the lion hearted come out victorious.

Just a few years back, Nigeria was reputed to be host to one of the happiest people on the Earth. All of a sudden that scenario changed that most Nigerian youth cannot visualise a hopeful and bright future.

"I did this because I see nothing worth living in this world" wrote Bolufemi a serving youth corper that committed suicide. The truth is that there is no acceptable reason for one to take his or her life.

Late Bolufemi Princess Motunrayo - serving youth corps member

7 Pertinent Questions to Answer

If for any reason you are contemplating suicide you may have to answer these seven (7) questions. If your answer to any one of these seven questions is in the affirmative then you are justified to take your life. Spiritually, 7 is the number of perfection. So prove your justification or perfection by going through these seven questions.

1. Do I own my life to justify taking it?

Only thieves take what does not belong to them. And you are not one. The truth is that the life you live does not belong to you. Your life belongs to the maker that crafted you fearfully and wonderfully for a purpose. Don't disappoint Him. Try hard to find out His purpose for creating you into that family, tribe, nation and the earth generally.

Dr Allwell Orji - a suicide victim

2. Am I the first to face this kind of challenge?

Challenges of life are multi dimensional. Some are real, some are figments of our imagination. And yet others are accusations of the devil and his agents. Even Christ the perfect was accused of many things He could not have imagined. But the truth is that "there is nothing new under the heaven". Many have faced similar Challenges and still overcame. You can overcome if you desire to overcome. Shame is a trickster.

Veronica Bako an Undergraduate Student at the University of Calabar took her life because she was scammed.

3. Is taking my life the only solution to the challenge?

Having survived to your present age of acknowledging good and evil means that you have already won a lot of life's battles. You applied variety of strategies to solve the seemingly insignificant problems. This one will pass too if you just think a little. There are multiple solutions to any problem. Remember that "shame is a trickster".

Chukwuemeka Akachi an Undergraduate Student at UNN who committed suicide

4. Is my future completely hopeless as a result of this challenge?

There is no life situation that is completely hopeless. It can be daunting no doubts about that. But there is always a way.

You've been accused of rape, incest, adultery, murder, stealing or armed robbery e.t.c. Infact even if you are guilty as accused; the situation is still not hopeless. Can any of your mockers or accusers take an oath of incorruptibility before amadioha or sango? There is absolutely nobody that is completely clean. While we do not support evil, yet we cannot condemn you to hopelessness.

Aisha Omolola 300 Level student at ABU committed suicide

5. If I take my life, will nobody miss me?

If you truthfully think nobody will miss you on planet Earth, then go ahead and take the life that does not belong to you in the first place. Even in our dirtiest situations, there are people who are ready to embrace and clean us. Remember that shame is a monumental trickster.

Izu Madubueze committed suicide because of rape allegations

6. Is there nobody I can share my experience with?

The Creator knows the dangers of being alone physically or in thought, that's why He exhorted that "two is better than one". Again He said "come, let us reason together...". Our individual reasoning can be blurred under intense pressure. Some moments of difficulties and challenges require independent opinion. And there is always a trusted shoulder to rest on. Always seek for that shoulder. If you can't find any around you, I'm here for you.

Michael Dare Akintola (Asiwaju Furniture) committed suicide in Festac Hotel room he checked in with the name Moses Prince after being accused of rape

7. Does everyone hate me?

This is the last question that requires affirmation before you can commit suicide. Nobody is hated by all no matter our short comings. Someone is there that will sympathise, apply reason and reasonable caution. There is one that is ever loving in all situations. His name is God. He is there for you even when you think all men have forsaken you.

Johnny Creed an upcoming artiste who committed suicide at Enugu

Drop that poison or gauntlet. Your life is still very precious to many people. Don't disappoint them and your creator.

Please save a life. Share this article with those you love. Your comments can help someone. You can reach me through email: [email protected]

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Bolufemi Motunrayo Nigerian University of Calabar Veronica Bako


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