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A Set Of Twins Was Found In A Dustbin, Here Is What Happened

Wonders shall never end. A set of twins was dumped today 18th july, 2020. In one area of cross river state.

According to the eye witnessed, the seer of the two twins, said that this early morning he saw the twins on a dustbin at a road side of wayne avenue. Getting close to them, he discovered that they were already death. And he raise alarm inorder for the residual people to come for their rescue.

It was said that the two twins were identical and they were two boys. Their mother gave birth to them this morning after she dumped them in this dustbin.

They called the policemen inorder to further the investigation to find out who is the responsible for it. As the case continue, they were suggesting one girl that lives in their community that was pregnant and she is no where to be found in the area after the incident happened.

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