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Selling Girls To Men For Marriage Is Wrong: The Custom Should Be Stopped Totally In Nigeria

In this modern age and season, some strange practices should not be allowed and be outrightly stopped.

Such is this custom in Becheve community in Obanliku with 17 tribes. It shares boundaries with popular Obudu Cattle Ranch and Resort which attracts tourists from across the world.

Men in this community have refused to give up the ancient custom called Money Marriage. The victims are called Money Woman or Money Wife.

Girls as young as five years of age are been sold in his southern part of Nigeria. This is done to settle their parents' debt as part of a tradition known as "money marriages".


Becheve girls are sold into ‘Money Marriage’ for cash as low as N10, 000 along with food items like tubers of yams, livestock like goats and pigs depending on the bargaining power of the groom.

Girls been sold her into marriage to a man old enough to be her father by her parents is totally barbaric and wrong.

Money wives are sold into marriage to settle debts without even enjoying the luxury or the money involved. Infact, their purpose in the marriage is to work hard, mostly on their husband’s farms as labourers.

Society groups, and advocacy groups have tried to make the people of Becheve see the wrong in the ancient ‘Money Marriage’ but they are stuck in this old practice. Richards Akonam is a missionary who has dedicated over two decades to build a strong advocacy against ‘Money Marriage’ in Becheve. He is sad that the culture has eaten deep into the people and it has become a normal practice.

Relatives of the girl are are definitely not ashamed of their actions, freely visiting the couple after the marriage and they are given various items during the visit. That means more work for the 'money wife'as the groom however records every item given out to the in-laws during the visit. That is total slavery for cash or items. If the mother is the greedy type, she’ll often visit her in-law to get stuff which is also more work for her own daughter.


While her parents or relatives share money and other gifts given them by the ‘groom’, she is left alone to struggle and find a means of survival. Which means the girl is not been cared for by the so called husband as she is seen as a slave entity instead of a wife.

She can only benefit if anyone who has gone to collect anything shares with her. This hardly happens. She will be responsible for taking care of herself by farming or otherwise. None of her relatives will buy or give her gifts. She now belongs to another and helping her translates to helping her owner.

No one cares about what she wants, her dreams and aspirations. Her emotions and all. That's torture. Worst than slavery.

Infact once the girl is sold out for Money Marriage in Becheve, she is considered dead by her immediate family. Never to return back.

Ah! I would rather run away from that area or community.

What a wicked world we live in. Your own parents selling you out to pay debts and you can't even enjoy any part of the money. As much as possible, the Government should into this custom and find a way to totally stop it and put a punishment for anyone who does such.

What do you think should be done to such person who does it again?

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