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How three Robbers met their disastrous end when they encountered a Man of God

Hassan Odunayo Ruth

Sometime in the 80s, Prophet Samson Akande popularly known as Baba Abiye came to Lagos from Ede. There were four of them in the car that conveyed him including Dele Akande, a son of the prophet, Timothy Adebayo, his driver, a ministerial student and the prophet himself.

They stopped over at Ibadan where they visited Gabriel Tewogbade, a business tycoon and successful contractor, also a member of the Christ Apostolic Church. He then gave the prophet a cheque of N250,000 for the gospel work, a very large amount of money both then and now. However, due to the primitive state of banking then they had to travel to Victoria Island, Lagos where the account was domiciled to cash the cheque.

Thus they proceeded to Lagos to cash the cheque. It appeared that there were informants, moles of robbers in this bank who gave regular information to guide the movement of robbers. As soon as they cashed the cheque they proceeded through Oshodi since there was no Third mainland bridge then to link the Lagos Ibadan expressway on their homeward journey. But soon after they came out of the bank, three armed robbers began to trail them in their own car. They followed them to Oshodi but refused to strike so as not to engage the police.

As soon as they entered the expressway, the robbers overtook them and ordered the driver to stop the vehicle but he refused because he recognized them evidently as robbers. The robbers drew out their guns and were ready to fire shots.

In the words of Timothy Adebayo, the driver: " I saw two robbers pointing guns at me while the third person was driving. Dele(Baba's son) shouted that thieves have overtaken us. I heard the thieves saying, 'Shoot the driver and take their money, he is a mad man; that's why he refused to stop.'

" I still refused to stop the car and we were dragging it. Dele suggested that we should stop the vehicle and run. But then what of Baba who was in the car and blind? Where would the old man run to? It was then Baba asked us what was happening and I said they were robbers but there is no problem. I told Baba that if they tried anything, I have something that could demobilize them.

"Then I had one juju; a very small item but very powerful which I used to employ when I was driving in Abidjan. In Yoruba it is called 'Gbetugbetu' and if I put it in my mouth and order a person to enter into the bush, he would go there. I made it for about N150,000 and it meant a lot to me because it was very efficacious. Even though since I had been driving Baba, I had surrendered all my charms for burning but I refused to surrender this one because it cost me so much money to make. So I was confident that they could not harm me.

"The moment Baba heard the words 'armed robbers' and 'guns' and he heard them shouting 'shoot'; he removed his cap and began to pray in a loud voice 'God of Joseph Ayo Babalola, confound their language and arrest these criminals.' He began to pray fervently and the car was filled with the presence of a supernatural power. We could all feel it."

"For almost thirty minutes that we were dragging with these robbers, no vehicle passed from Lagos and from the other side. Suddenly something happened, the robbers who had pointed guns at us preparing to shoot could not fire the guns and they could not withdraw their hands. Also, their two bodies became glued to each other and to the car so that they could not run away or escape. I saw this with my very eyes. So God Himself arrested them.

" Then after about 1 hour, policemen on patrol going to Lagos saw us and came and when they saw what had happened too became afraid of the power of God. They found that the robbers could not even move, so they had to forcefully pull them out of the car and from each other, and in the process, some of their flesh peeled with the vehicle.

The policemen became enraged when they saw that it was an old man and a blind man that they were trying to rob. They bundled the three of them(robbers) back into the car with the money they had stolen elsewhere and soaked the car with petrol and set them on fire instantly. "

"Baba asked me to give the policemen N5000 out of the money we just collected but they refused the money. They were indeed God-sent. Baba then called them that he wanted to pray for them. After his prayer, he asked which of them had no child because God showed him that one of them had a problem. The officer's name was Emmanuel from Egbado area of Ogun State.

Baba prayed for him and told him to meet his wife that night unfailingly. He did. A year later, he traced Baba to Ede with his wife and several policemen for thanksgiving with their triplets."

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Content created and supplied by: Odunayo4Ruth (via Opera News )

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