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Updates On The Three Nigerians Arrested For Drugs Trafficking In Cambodia

Good day to our esteem readers of Opera Hub.

If you can remember few months back, about three middle aged Nigerians were arrested in Cambodia for drug related offenses by the Cambodian Anti Drugs Police. The three Nigerians were arrested after the police anti-drug department raided a room in Tony Guesthouse, located in Tnaot Chrum IV village in Meanchey district’s Boeng Tumpon II commune.

The police confirmed the seizure of 21 large packages of crystal meth weighing nearly 21 kilograms, three passports, four phones, and other drug-related materials from the suspects. The clampdown was in collaboration with the Phnom Penh police.

Well, they were subsequently detained for months while further investigations was carried out. After due review, they were forwarded to court for prosecution where the court finally sentence them to death. Cambodia is one of the major countries with strict anti drugs law. If one is arrested with huge grams of the hard substances, there is high possibility of being sentence to death.

Dear my fellow countrymen, we have seen such judgements being carried out many times in various countries with strict anti drugs law. This should serves as a wake up call to shun away from drugs trafficking. Countries like Saudi Arabia and Malaysia have strict anti drugs law which is punishable by death.

We cannot continue to allow few individuals spoil our country name in foreign nations thereby damaging the images of other Nigerians with potential prospects in the foreign nations. We have seen how recently the arrest of another top Nigerian fraudster Abbas Raymond popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi stain the image of Nigerians abroad. I read some reports that some business corporations are denying job to Nigerians in their job vacancy advert. This is too bad but we can not blame them.

From the pictures of these young men, you will observe that they all may be in their late thirties and full of life, but now the freedom to enjoy that life has been cut off from them by the court because they misuse the short life they had. All these kinds of crime is powered and fuelled by greed and lack of contentment. Had they utilize their lives effectively, they would not have been in this terrible situation today.

Now their families, relatives, friends and loved ones back home may never see them again because of this. No matter how juicy a crime is, one is liable to get caught and it is just about time. Comment your opinion.

Content created and supplied by: Rasheeed (via Opera News )

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