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Updates on Arotile's death

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has revealed the names of Tolulope's killers (Mr. Nehemiah Adejoh, Mr. Igbekele Folorunsho and Mr. Festus Gbayegun) who were her classmates in Secondary School. 

NAF revealed that the suspects have been detained yet a lot of Nigerians and groups have shown interest in unraveling the circumstances leading to her death as they smell a foul play some where, considering the identities of the suspects and the place of Arotile's death (Air Force base with road bumps and securities).

Nigerians believe that her sorties led to the deaths of several militants and bandits especially with her last operation in the North-central states tagged “Operation Gama Aiki" in Minna, Niger State where despite rockets fired at her, she succeeded in killing many bandits and fundamentalists.

It is important to note that before Tolulope's demise, both social and conventional media were agog with reports on how she was leading a major onslaught against bandits and armed Islamic fundamentalists in the North.

The circumstances of Arotile’s death have raises many questions as to who could have wanted her dead? Or who could have sneaked into the base and murdered her? Or how the reverse of a vehicle could kill a person in such manner?

Many are wondering if the bandits or Boko Haram members she had seriously battled in combat operations or their agents in military uniform could have engineered the murder the 24-year-old officer who made significant and outstanding contributions to the war against terrorism, armed banditry and other forms of criminality in the country.

These questions have raised the curiousity of many people and groups in the country believing that there is more to her death than being accidental.

In another report by Arotile's sister, they were in the room where she was sleeping when a call came into Arotile's phone which she picked but from the way they spoke, the caller is suspected be a senior officer calling her to come to Air Force base. She felt reluctant but left and never returned. Who called her on the phone?

The Joint National Action Civil Society Coalition called on the Federal Government, the Nigerian Armed Forces, and the Nigerian Police, to undertake a thorough investigation, including commissioning a coroner’s inquest into her death. 

This group is the umbrella body of 10 associations that believes that given the strategic importance of her position to national security, and the various versions of how her death occurred, it was not impossible that she was murdered not just accidental.

Considering her crucial role in the fight against insecurity in Nigeria, it must be taken into consideration that the flying officer may have been a target of criminal elements for reasons best known to them.

It must also be recalled that since Nigeria launched its war on terrorism, law enforcement officers have inadvertently become the counterstrike targets of organised criminal groups.

Was Arotile's death accidental or a murder?


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