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This Boy Vanished On His Way To School But After 33 Year, A Man Confessed the Horrible thing He Did

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Note: The story below isn't a fiction or fake, it's a true life story.

Etan Patz was a sweet 6 years old boy living in Manhattan with his family, his mother Julie is the founder of a day nursery inside their apartment and his father Stanley was a photographer. Along with his two siblings and his loving parents, he lived a happy life. But one day when Etan's household were in the midst of their daily activities, Etan decided to go to school on his own and Julie allowed it. Unfortunately since that evening, no trace of the little boy was ever found. There was no clues to explaining the kid's mysterious vanishing. Until after 33 years, a shocking confession was made that stunned everyone. On the 25th of may, 1979 the 6 years old Etan Patz went missing. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt with a hat and sneakers to match. It turned out Etan never made it to school, hours went by and Etan never made it back home and Julie became worried. She then alerted the police and they immediately came to help. The police started accusing the parents for the child's disappearance but later when it was confirmed that they were not guilty, the police started a strict investigation. 100s of police dogs and officers were on the lookout for the missing 6 year old. Stanley being a professional photographer, started printing fliers for his missing child and soon the news of the missing Etan went viral. Etans disappearance caused the public to be more aware about their children's safety. Infact, the president of America at that time marked the national missing children day on May 25th, the date of Etan's disappearance. Years went by and there was no news of Etan's disappearance and the parents had already lost hope. Until, Stuart R. Grabois (assistant United States Attorney), joined the investigation, he came a step close to the child's disappearance. A man named Jose Ramos was supposedly the reason for Etan's disappearance. Ramos had a criminal past including a number of sexual assault charges but what was intriguing is that the man confesses to know everything regarding Etan's disappearance. And that he had taken Etan to his apartment and assaulted the little boy, despite all of this, Ramos was never charged for anything relating to Etan's disappearance. With no new lead and no evidence, Etan was declared dead by the law in 2001. Until May 24th 2012, one of the police officers came forward with a shocking news. Pedro hernandez, a man from New Jersey who used to work a convince store in Etan's neighborhood admitted abducting and killing the 6 year old boy on May 25th 1979. Though there weren't enough physical evidences for the murder, Pedro was charged to a second degree murder. The man had supposedly confessed to the murder being charged along time ago in the 80s. The trial involving Pedro was very intricate, as his lawyers states that he only confessed under compulsion (Force). But eventually, on the 18th of April 2017, Pedro was sentenced for life for abducting and killing Etan Patz. The family finally got their Justice for their little boy. Etans story created a new sense of awareness for parents but the sad thing was that he was never given a proper burial.

So what do you think about the story, do you think it was right for the mother to allow a 6 years old to go to school alone? Please comment so I can know what you think and I will surely reply back. Don't forget to follow me, like and share. Thanks.

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