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8 Things That Can Surely Get You Into Trouble With The Police (SARS).

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is known for targeting individuals, mainly young Nigerians. This same special police unit's activities are always trending on social media for illegal and unlawful harassing and extorting money from young Nigerians.

I have compiled a list of seven things in this article that can get you arrested by SARS.

1. Beards & Dreadlocks.

SARS officers are known to arrest men with beards and dreadlocks. To them, it's code red. You might be creative, fully conscious, and be a beard gang member, SARS will only worry less. The relation between crime and having dreadlocks and a beard is not understood.

You may be as benevolent as a dove and imprisoned for getting dread and beards. If you nudge into any of them and have a tattoo, you will be in great trouble. The chances of arrest and interrogation are fairly high.

2. Piercing the Ear.

Popular culture Nigeria has always been frowning on ear-piercing men so this isn't a surprise. SARS officers jumped on this myth to apprehend and detain the ear-piercing young men

3. Tattoos.

Tattoos are artistic renderings and completely normal fun but they are used by SARS to characterize criminals. Having a tattoo or tattoos in the presence of SARS officials will most likely make you a suspect. Some law enforcement officials tend to think that tattoos are visible only to criminals.

4. Indecent wear.

Not only are men misrepresented by SARS, but even women are victims. These policemen are known to pick women too. Their style is to harass women they consider clothe as ladies of the night. These poor women are bundled into vans for questioning or a trip around town

5. Having a mobile phone.

Ought to have a mobile phone in the 21st Century. The SARS men do not seem to think in this way. The next thing is to ask for your phone and check it without a warrant until they stop you in public. The more costly your phone is, the greater the trouble you find yourself in. When they're going through your device, you could be labeled a cultist or an Internet fraudster.

6. Laptops.

It shouldn't be a big deal to have a laptop, but it's another sign for SARS operators that you're in fraudulent activities. The simple possession of a laptop will cause you to encounter serious problems with SARS operatives.

If you don't have a laptop receipt then you're in serious trouble that could land you in a jail cell. Officials at SARS do not think average people can own laptops.

7. To drive a car.

If you're young and have a car, believe me, SARS will pull you over and check for it many times. There are rumors of SARS operatives planting items in innocent Nigerians' cars to get them arrested.

8. Wearing expensive designer outfits.

SARS operatives have this mentality that only people who indulge in criminal activities can only afford to buy and wear costly and expensive clothes, shoes, bags, etc. So whenever they sight anyone wearing something expensive, most especially a young guy, they believe he is a fraudster. So be watchful of what you wear.

Content created and supplied by: Davidking19 (via Opera News )

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