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Hackers attacked World Richest Man and others

The activities of hackers are getting harder and tougher by the day. And their target is unsuspecting individuals, whom I will term greedy but not needy.

  • Jeff

From hacking Facebook accounts of individuals, to hacking WhatsApp accounts, now they have taken their games a bit further. Their attacks were launched on the Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Kanye West, Michael Bloomberg and Jeff Bezos. These ones are bit coin scammers. What they do after hacking the account is to send out information of bit coin doubling as a tweet, and unsuspecting people fall victims, believing they are communicating the main owners of the accounts.

  • Gates

What will make people fall more is the calibre of people whose accounts were hacked. However, contented persons and non-greedy fellows who could easily read through the lines shouldn't fall victim. They didn't stop at that as they went further to check on Warren Buffet and Elon Musk in the same vein.

  • Ellon

The surprising thing is that all these hacks were achieved in a day, this is a sign that they have been on their assignment for long.

  • Blomberg

But you know what, they are not wise in their tactics, because, once they successfully gained access to all those accounts, they posted similar things almost at the same time.

Their messages are based on bit coin doubling within few periods.

See these images below:

As a matter of fact, as at the time of filing this report, the list kept increase as Apple, Uber and other high profile individuals' accounts have joined the hacked accounts list.

Is this a mission or what?

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