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6 Notorious Criminals Including Evans That Were Captured By Police Team Led By Abba Kyari [Photos]

Every nation in the world have somehow experienced criminal attack from one notorious citizen to another who believe they are invisible in the eye of the law. And when a nation has terrorists they are always officers like Abba Kyari who would stop at nothing to bring them down.

Abba Kyari aka Nemesis of notorious criminals is the assistant commissioner of police, he has been against crime and corruption ever since he joined the police force, Nigeria should be grateful to have such police in the country. Take a look at Anini who terrorised Nigerians until he was appended alongside his gang members, they were all sentenced to death by firing squad.

So with all this being said I have highlighted six notorious criminals who were arrested by the police force team led by Abba Kyari, although this are just some of his major achievement and they are still more. He was the one who led the team that arrested some notorious kidnappers of Okonjo Iweala's mother, and he was also the one who led the team that arrested and killed Vampire and Godogodo who are notorious arm robbers. Here are the list starting with the first person.

1. The arrest of General Overseer and his gang members: it was reported that hr was the one who arrested a general overseer of a church located at Ejigbo. The general overseer was said to have been part of a notorious gang that attacked the Murtala Muhammad International Airport, the gang were also said to have carried out notorious activities at States such as Rivers, Kwara and Ogun state. At the time of their arrest guns such as Ak47 rifles and GPMGs were also recovered from them.

2. The arrest of Godogodo whose real name is Abiodun Egunjobi: He was a deadly criminal who operated for about 14years until he was later arrested, it was reported that for about the 14years of his operations he had disguised himself as a businessman, what is even remarkable was reported that even his own family didn't know the kind of job he was into until his arrest after Abba Kyari got interested in his case.

3. The arrest of kidnappers of Dr. Okonjo Iweala's mother and murder of former deputy governor of Anambra and also the kidnap of a sitting Supreme Court Judge: it was reported that Abba Kyari was the one who led the team to the arrest of the kidnappers, who was said to have been kidnapped the mother of the former minister of finance who were reported to have operated in places like Edo, Delta and also Port Harcort.

4. The arrest of kidnappers who were involved in the kidnapping of Dangote's cousin: it was reported on the 18th of September 2012 that a gang which abducted the cousin of the richest man in Africa known as Dangote and also collected about 30million ransom, were paraded by the police team which was led by Abba Kyari.

The name of the kidnappers who were arrested were, Pius Ubaka Livinus who was 25 years of age and he was also said to have kidnapped an Indian national in 2010. Another suspect was Kenechukwu Oyema who was 27, and the last person was known as Segun Ayebe who was 32years of age.

5. The arrest of Evans: Chukwudi Dumee Onuamedike alias Evans is a billionaire kidnapper, he held from Anambra. Abba Kyari led the team along with Sergeant Lanre Sanusi who was part of the police squad, it was reported that after that operation of the sergeant the second one was his last, because he died from a gunshot by another kidnappers.

6. The death of notorious kidnapper Aka Vampire: On March 2017, Henry Chibueze also known as Vampire was killed during a gun battle with the operatives of the Inspector General Of Police which was led by Abba Kyari. It was later reported that Vampire had killed about 200 people including his own girlfriend and about eight of the girl's family members in Lagos.

This should be a lesson to other citizens thinking that crime is the only way of livelihood in Nigeria, just imagine what happened to this terrorists.

Thank you for reading my article and please don't forget to like, comment and share the article with your friends let them see that crime doesn't pay.

Content created and supplied by: Dannyd (via Opera News )

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