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My Son Always leaves The House Every Night, I Followed Him and I caught him doing this (Fiction)

My name is felicia I am 44 years old .I got married at the age of 27 and had my first and only son Emmanuel at the age of twenty nine. I work as a cleaner in a secondary school . Emmanuel my son is 15 years old , he was tall and very handsome. He reminded me of my late husband .My husband died 10,years after I gave birth to Emmanuel and I must confess, being a single parent wasn't easy. None of my family members offered me help ,those that I asked for help either stopped talking to me or they said they didn't have money .With all the savings in my account I used it to start up a groundnut business,but when my son Emmanuel entered JSS1,I spent all my savings to enroll him in a good private school , after enrolling him in a good school I didn't have any money with me anymore. I was a graduate and was very educated, but unfortunately I didn't secure any I settled for less , because I had my son's school fees to pay every month, as well as our house rent . Bills were pilling up for me ,but I didn't change my son's school, because his performance academically was quite outstanding ,but he didn't get any scholarship.

My son was really calm and obedient, he tried to offer me all the help he could but I knew it would be a distraction to his studies, so I told him to concentrate on his studies. He even brought up the idea of dropping out of school just because of the excess bills.

But recently he became secretive , he was now in SS1 and was a Science student .He kept alot of things from me , but I thought it was because he lost his father at an early age and I knew he needed a fatherly figure during this his adolescent age.So i confronted him, and we talked about everything and he stopped being secretive.

After our talk, I noticed that my Son always leaves the house at night exactly around 10pm.This thing kept on happening for a long time ,but he didn't know that I noticed it .The act has being going on for five times now,but I still pretended like I didn't know.

So one faithful day , after dinner I knew this was a perfect time to catch him doing whatever he was doing.As usual we all had our dinner and went to bed, but he didn't know I was monitoring him.So as usual, he left the house and I followed him , it was exactly 10:45pm at night .I kept asking myself, what was my only son doing outside by this, he didn't know I was following him and he entered an uncompleted building and I still followed him.

And to my surprise ,i caught him smoking weed, i was really dissapointed and I said to my self, so i have been wasting my resources for my son and this is what i caught him doing . Immediately he saw me , he tried running away, but i held unto his waist .I made sure that I gave him the beating of his life .But i haven't forgiven him, after he begged me severally because i am still dissapointed with him and i knew if my husband was alive , my son wouldn't do such.

Please you guys should Advice me because i really need it now.

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