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74 Year Old 'Trump Supporter' Robs Bank, Returns Change When Given More Than He Asked For

A 74-year-old widower, Sandy Hawkins, who made a halfhearted attempt at a bank robbery in Florida in November has been spared jail.

He went into a bank unarmed and wearing a Make America Great Again shirt, a slogan used by Donald Trump Campaign, when he walked into a Wells Fargo branch in Boca Raton on November 18 and demanded $1,100 from the teller, telling her: 'This is a robbery. I have a weapon.

When she counted out $2,000, he told her it was too much and had her count out the right amount. He says he doesn't know why he asked for that amount.

Hawkins then left the bank and the moneybag got caught in some bushes, so he left it. It was never recovered.

'It was my way of, basically, a cry for help,' he told the court.

When police confronted Hawkins the day after the robbery, he told them he'd 'make it easy'. 

He then pulled out a bank deposit slip with a note on the back: 'Give me $1,100 now. No alarms. Hope to get caught.

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