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I mistreated the girl who loved me and lived 30 years without seeing my child [Fiction]

My name is Solomon the son of a wealthy and well respected business man. Mr. Adesola of blessed memories is my father, and during his time he was the wealthiest in the community and I was so proud of him. The pride in me whenever I walk down the streets and have everyone staring at me. I was his only son, I have an elder sister and while i was younger my father spoilt me, he gave me everything I wanted and i also had all the attentions from the female folks and that was the ordeal of my life. I misused everything especially the ladies because I had all I wanted and that was how I lived my 30 years of childlessness. Let me tell you what happened to me.

I had a girlfriend or let me say I had many girlfriends and I never cared because I believed I could always find another one, but that isn't true because there are some people who are irreplaceable but it was too late before I realized. I had a particular girl who loved me beyond the money I had to offer but I couldn't see because I was blinded by a lot of them being around.

So one day when I was around 28 years old one of my girls came to me, her name was Lara and she told me, she was carrying my baby, I wasn't surprised I just asked for her account number and sent her 500 thousand naira to get rid of it, but she immediately replied me and said "I'm not telling you because I want your money I'm telling you because I am happy to carry your baby" i was so pissed with what she was saying, then I shouted at her and told her to get out of my sight, of course she did left in tears and that was the last time I heard from her.

Then on my 30th birthday, my father called me and asked me when I was going to bring home a wife, that was when I realized I was 30 years old and wasn't growing any younger, suddenly I felt like my face was unveiled into reality, and he made me promise him I was going to get a wife before 31 and I promised him because I love my dad and he has done so much for me. But that was the last day I saw my father alive. He died the next day, he died of heart attack. It pained me that i decided I was going to honour him by getting married.

I searched for Lara because something inside me convinced me so much she didn't abort the baby and I needed to get married to her, because no girl has ever came up to be that honest with me before. I searched for her but never found her, then one day I ran into a truck while driving, my car wrecked and I sustained so much injuries, I was rushed to the hospital only to hear the doctor tell me I had lost my spinal cord and wouldn't be able to have a child again and that was how I lived a lonely life, because no-one wanted to marry a cripple and i never wanted someone to come for my money and run away.

Then one day I had course to visit the hospital only to find a young man who looked so much like me, when he saw me he couldn't take his eyes of me, then I told him to please call his mother that I needed to talk to her and he humbly did, only to find out his mother was Lara. She looked so wealthy and beautiful, immediately I saw her I knew my regrets and I apologize for all the wrong I did and then we spoke at lent, then she told me the doctor was my son, I was so happy but I was too old already, I was 58 years old but the joy that filled my heart made me cry because i wished my father saw this day. I had lived a whole 30 years of my life without seeing my child and when all hope was lost I found him.

The moral of this story is to try as much as possible to live a youthful life that is worth it, so that we don't get too blinded to see the treasure that's around us.

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Adesola Lara Solomon


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