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5 Things to do When You Notice a Change of Behaviour in Your Young Girl Child.

Nigeria has been bedeviled by rape of recent. There are cases of rape across the country and when one has a close look at it,young girls are the prey,they fall victims of this heinous act. Most at times,when these young girls have been raped,such perpetrators threaten to kill them if they for any reason expose them to the public.

Here, I compile 5 steps to take whenever your little girl child has a change in behaviour.

1. Investigation: in this step, you should especially as a mother monitor where your daughter goes. Leave no stone unturned. You can as well ask her friends to keep an eye on her to know where she goes daily.

2. Interrogation: after the first step must have been taken,sit her down and demand from her what is happening. You are her mother and she would tell you all that is happening

3. If step two didn't work out then try this.

Make her sleep during the day then take your time to carefully examine her genitals probably for some injuries sustained during the rape.

4. When she wakes up,demand from your daughter again what is happening and no matter how she was threatened by the rapist,she will surely tell you all that is wrong to her and all that which is going on.

5. When you finally know what is happening,you should then inform your neighbors of it and after that you should inform the authority (police) so that the culprit can be apprehended to face judgement.

Take these great steps and save your young girls. If you find this useful,please share to your friends and loved ones.

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