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Shari'a Law Is The Only Solution To Corruption In Nigeria.(Opinion)

It is undeniable facts that President "Muhammadu Buhari" have tried all his efforts to stop the ongoing series of corruption issues in Nigeria which is always prove abortive.

Though what Nigerians are expecting Buhari to put in place to eradicate corruption is more than the level of his performance presently.

And this happened due to high population of the people who are posing as pious ones and they have seen themselves as untouchable officers.

Meanwhile all these atrocities are not welcomed in the system of shari'a law, because any crime committed in a place where shari'a law is in operation will be rewarded with severe punishment. And nobody would like to be punished in such manner and that is why you will see people abide by the provision of law in a country where shari'a law is working.

For instance, let's take Saudi Arabia as case study, you can't see both the masses and government committing any criminal activities because they know the consequences of breaking the law since everybody is equal when it comes to giving out the punishment to law breakers.

To understand how powerful the shari'a law is, let me analyse some crimes and their required punishment:

If someone steals something like money or other material things with his/her hands and unfortunately caught. One of such person's hands will be amputated in the public to serve as a lesson for others.

Look at the issue of adultery, if bachelor or Spencer involve in any act of adultery they will receive 101 strokes of canes as punishment for the offense. But for married men and women their own punishment seems to be heavy. For example, if a married man commit a fornication with a married woman and both of them are caught red handed, the two are going to be buried uprightly having their heads exposed and they will be stoned to death.

With all these submission of mine I think shari'a law is the only solution to corruption issues in Nigeria.

In your own view, do you think somebody can bear these punishment because of less than five minutes enjoyment.

Kindly share your view with me in the comment box and make sure you share it.

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