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This lady fell victim to scammers and now she behaves awkward..... She can't remember anything.

This lady fell victim to scammers in awka and at the end of the article you will see a link to watch the full video of the conversation between her and a man. Please continue sharing this article until it gets to her family members. You can also share the video.

This is the conversation between her and the man.

Man; what happened to you na

Lady; I don't know , some people with Jeep came and asked me if I knew a hospital. The elderly man in the car told me that he is Ebube Muonso, no he told me that he's looking for Ebube muonso.

Man; did he ask you if you know a hospital?

Lady; yes he asked me and I told him I don't know. Then when I was about to leave, a guy came and hit me and then I told him yes that I knew a hospital. Then I entered into a Jeep and we went to FMB bank and I withdrew money and gave them.

MAN; where is your bag ?

LADY; I gave him my bag , phone and money I withdrew from the bank.

MAN; So do you know your office or house.

LADY; Yes, No I don't know.

I tried uploading the video online but opera news rejected it saying it's fake content. Even if they accept this article it's by lock. Please help this lady. Below is her picture I could get from the video👇👇

Please don't forget to share till it gets to her relatives. She said she's from Awka.

Content created and supplied by: KINGPHENOM (via Opera News )

Ebube Muonso FMB Jeep


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