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Did You Know Wole Soyinka Is One Of The Founder Of Cultism

Cultism is a religious set, generally considered to be in extreme or falsehood.

According to Adewale Rotimi (2005), a secret cult is a group of people whose activities are carried out in exclusive locations and unusual time, without been exposed to the uninitiated.

History of cultism in Nigeria

The history of cultism in Nigeria can be traced to the formation of pyrate confraternity, now known as National Association of Sea Dogs in 1953.

It was established by prof. Wole Soyinka with a few others known as G7.

The aim for creating this group was quite good and progressive contrary to what obtained among cultists today. The activity was not violent compared to today.

Among the founding fathers of the confraternity was prof Wole Soyinka who was first democratically elected captain with the name Captain Blood. Others were Prof Muyiwa Awe, Ralph Opara, Pius Olegbe, Daig Imokhuede, Tunji Tubi and Olu Agunloye.

Soon later some people left the confraternity to form their own secret cult. Others that later spiked out are known for violence and killings.

The aim of Prof Wole Soyinka secret cult was:

- To defend humanistic ideas

- To fight Neocolonialism

- To fight Tribalism

The aim of this cult was quite good and it was founded at the University of Ibadan when he was still a student.

The motive behind cult group now has revolved and changed in this present age, that cult members are known to be very violent, they commit all sort of illicit acts.

See the reason why some people join cult group now

i. Search for power

ii. To secure protection

iii. To get affection

iv. For popularity reason

The major characteristics of cult groups now are:

1. Drug abuse

2. Illegal possession of arms

3. Inhuman practices such as rape, arson, physical attacks.

4. Armed robbery

5. War of supremacy between rivals

The ways we can minimize or prevent cultism

1. Serious campaign against cultism

2. Enactment of strict laws against cultism

3. Moral education

4. Religious instruction

5. Parental Care: This is the most important of it all. Parents must always be there for their children as they say "charity begins from home". Parents must teach their children in the way of the Lord/ Allah. They must implant the fear of God in their children and they must have time for them, they must not be too harsh to them, learn how to relate with them and always pray for them.

Do you think Prof Wole Soyinka will be happy or he will regret what cultism has turned to today.

What's your view about this?

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