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Izuchukwu's Suicide: Why False Rape Accusers Should Be Punished Like Murderers

—Eze, Izuchukwu Ochenwari

Twitter has gone agog as a young man whose twitter handle reads @Legend_Izu commits suicide after a mob of twitter Influencers paraded him on social media and falsely accused him of rape.

A so-called twitter influencer woke up one morning and posted on social media an imaginary list of men who have sexually abused women.

Unfortunately, a young Nigerian of 19 years amongst the accused men consequently, has committed suicide because he was falsely accused of non-physically, sexually assaulting an unknown lady; despite pleading with the curator of the said list to kindly tell him who the accuser was so he could understand how he went wrong, make amends and apologize.

You know the most painful thing: this young man is dead because he innocently turned down the advances of a witch. But the best most of the so-called feminists who claim to be 'woke' are doing is to express their highest form of insensitivity and stupidity; condemning suicide instead of condemning false rape allegations or even condemning the other witch that created an imaginary list of sex offenders without any legal mandate nor justification. I wasn't expecting less than that anyway.

(recent pictures of Izu)

(The lady who accused Izuu upfront rape)

Below is the screenshot of the conversation between Izuu and twitter bully Influencer called Nana.

This is not the first, nor would it be the last of such cases. Go to the internet and find out the numbers of reported false rape allegations, and you'd be shocked.

I quite understand the fact that it's much easier to easily believe and rage over any form of sexual assault that involves women as victims, but the absence of gender-neutral laws makes it much easier for men to fall prey to all forms of sexual assault, abuse and harassments; and still fall prey to false allegations by women; and still get overlooked by the society should they come up with similar concerns of being sexually abused.

If you care to search, you'll find over 5 out of every 10 men you know being sexually exploited, violated, abused, and assaulted by women at some point in their lives; but because it's men, it's usually a case of them tolerating, committing suicide or aren't taken seriously even when they do speak up.

I don't care what the ratio for girls-to-boys rape cases is, all I'm concerned is that, just like cases of theft and murder, equal effort should be channeled to managing and curbing the evil acts of rape and its false allegations, regardless the gender in question.

I reiterate, neither rape nor its false allegation are gender vices/crimes. If a confirmed rapist deserves to be tried and imprisoned or even killed, a false accuser of rape should face similar or even more severe punishment, regardless of gender.

Men's lives matter, too. Let's all do well to protect men against false rape allegations. And let the so-called feminists begin to imbibe humanitarian interests and intentions in their struggle.

Punishment meant for one who is found guilty of rape should be administered to any one who is found guilty of false accusation of rape.

There is need we all call for justice for Izuchukwu. He didn't take his life because he enjoyed self-inflicted pains, rather, because, he saw his image defamed.

If the twitter Influencer allowed to go unpunished, how many more of men would go through the excruciating trauma that goes with having oneself be accused falsely?


'I don't want you' is not rape.

'I am no longer interested' is not rape.

'I don't love you anymore' is not rape.

'I think he raped me' is not rape.

'It felt like rape' is not rape.

'He did not give me head' is not rape.

Say no to false rape accusation.

Content created and supplied by: Ochenwari (via Opera News )

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