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Despite not having hand, man broke barrier, rides tricycle in Agege to feed himself

One the greatest challenges been faced by human beings is the challenge of not having complete parts of the body like other people do.

People who are handicapped or are physically challenged in the society do face a lot of problem, which ranges from stigmatization from their fellow human beings, as most people wont like to relate with them to ability not to be able to use some devices or operate them comfortably.

Most people who are physically challenged in the society today, especially in Africa continent, end up begging for alms on the street before they will be able to feed themself.

In view of this, a tricycle rider in the Agege area of Lagos State, has put aside the problem he might be facing and got himself doing the work able bodied men do for living.

The man without one hand was captured in a video by a passenger in another tricycle, driving his tricycle with one hand and using his right leg to replace his right hand.

Watch video here

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