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"Liar, You're The One Who Robbed My Uncle After Sleeping With Him"Lady Reply Social Media Influencer

An social media influencer, Ewawunmi (Haishah) took to her Twitter handle on the 12th of September 2020 at exactly 10:39 am to shared how she was robbed by some robbers.

According to her, the robbers got away with her phone, money and all valuables things she was with that faithful day.

"On the September 10, I experienced the shockest thing in my life. I was robbed on my way home and they took away everything from me. My phone, money and all valuables. I am just thankful for life. I will be staying offline for awhile. Thanks to all my friends and love ones that look out for me, God bless you all," Ewawunmi posted on 12 of September 2020.

She also let her followers to know that she is using her friend phone to post.

After 3 days and some hours the alleged incident happened, a lady name Pinkdaisy (bouquie41) alleged that the story is a complete lie, but what one can not say who she was referring to she did not mentioned someone name on her Tweet. But people think that she was referring to Ewawunmi post.

In a post Naija News posted on their verified twitter handle, they tag the two post together. In nutshell what Naija News allegedly mean what thr lady was referring to Ewawunmi robbery incident. (according to Naija PR News). Here is the post (evidence) from naija PR news.

Here is what Pinkdaisy, "See the way your favorite influencer lied that she got robbed when she's the thief herself. The fool doesn't just sleep with people's husband, she's a thief too, she sleeos with my uncle whenever he's around. My uncle went downstairs to see someone, mama hurriedly put in some dollar in the bra, he went back in to give the person some money only to discover the missing cash, he chased her out, people surrounded them, her cash and phone was taken from her, that was what happened. I dare her to come deny everything I have tweeted," she concluded.

In time of putting this down no one has responded to the tweet made by Pinkdaisy.

Content created and supplied by: Chrischukwudi (via Opera News )

Ewawunmi Haishah


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