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A black single mother died of COVID-19 and her 12-year-old daughter was left in Britain alone

According to a report in the British Daily Mail on April 16, a black single Zimbabwean mother died in novel coronavirus, leaving her 12-year-old daughter alone in Britain without any relatives.Ruthendo's 12-year-old daughter Chiedza, nicknamed Chichi, had no other family and lost her mother, and had to be taken care of temporarily by Renaissance Church personnel in Staffordshire.

Since Ruthendo is a loyal member of this church, church members are taking care of Chichi instead of her after her unfortunate death. Church members have contacted Chichi's relatives in Zimbabwe and will discuss what to do next with the girl.Reverend Matthew Murray said: "Chichi is very dependent on her mother. The two were once inseparable, but after hearing about her mother on the evening of 15th, Chichi was very, very sad."

"Chichi is now safe under the care of our members. We will help her through this period and prepare for a new life." "We still don't know where the poor child will live in the future. We will discuss with relatives in her hometown the most suitable solution for her."

"No matter what happens, we will fully support her. She is one of us. "

Matthew also described Kiki's mother to reporters: "She is an incredible woman, kind, generous and selfless." "She is really a hero. She has been working hard and doing her best to raise Chichi. She is Chichi's world. " "ms ruthendo once worked in our nursing home and has a heart of gold."Pastor Matthew launched an online fund-raising campaign for Chichi's mother's funeral and Chichi's life. "We hope Chichi knows that she is not alone in this society, and there are many kind people supporting her." "This fund will be used to cover funeral and related legal expenses, and all surplus will be used for Chichi's future development." At present, more than 30,000 pounds have been raised for charity.

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