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This Is What Makes Police Women The Best.

This Is What Makes Police Women The Best.

Roles Of The Police Women Nigeria.

Women have played an important role in enforcement since the early 1990s. The integration of women into the law enforcement is considered as a large social change.

Few women work as officers of the law and their main task are usually limited. Women are traditionally used to working in juvenile facilities, handled crimes involving female offenders or basically performing clerical tasks. Recently, many options have opened up, creating new possible careers for our police women.

Women of female officers is they are more capable in communicating with citizens because they come off as more disarming and can talk their way through difficult situations. A study indicated that due to female officers' perseverance and unique abilities, they are becoming a fundamental part of contemporary policing. Women are found to response more effectively to incidents of violence against women, which make up approximately half of the calls to police. 

Research also indicates that women are less likely to use excessive force or pull their weapon which makes it easier for a suspect to be cooperative.

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