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The Revenge Of A Dead Girl Episode 1


Episode 1:

It was getting darker and darker as the night sets in, individuals were leaving individually until I am the just one remaining. I chose to work until morning, since I was left with archives to do and cases to comprehend. 

I strolled towards my office after I got myself some espresso, my eyes set on the finish of the passage until I showed up on the standard entryway that prompts my office. I slid the entryway open, seeing my name engraved on the wooden stand not long before the table. 

An exasperated murmur got away from my mouth, understanding that many individuals security relies upon me as the main police of the town. I should be mindful and capable enough to be considered as a genuine one, for everybody's future. 

Right away, I plunked down on my to some degree gigantic seat and began flipping through the organizers which were the past cases from a year ago that I haven't audited. Investigating every single one of them, I saw it was simply theft and some other minor wrongdoings, which is something to be thankful for since there are no killings and such. 

After that idea passed my psyche, I inevitably found an exhausted organizer set at the base of the considerable number of envelopes. I opened it and saw an image of a young lady which appears in her mid teenagers appended at the upper left corner of the paper and underneath the photograph was a portion of her data. 

Name: Park Young Ji 

Age: 16 

Sex: Female 

Case #: 001294-23E-2013 

My eyes were filtering the entire paper, considering what could this young lady had done to be in one of the cases, from its vibes, she doesn't look sufficiently able to try and lift a blade or convey a firearm. Be that as it may, my inquiries was in the long run replied after my eyes arrived on the words.

Date of Death: February 13 2013 

Spot of Death: School bathroom, fourth floor 

Time of death: Body temperature, thoroughness and liver mortis, and stomach substance estimated the hour of death between 6:30 to 7:30 pm 

Quick reason for Death: Hypovolemic stun otherwise called hemorrhagic stun, seeping from genuine slits and twisted from the wrists and gruff horrendous injury 

Way of death: Suicide 

I was left bewildered after I read the primary page of the envelope, some piece of me is addressing why this case is considered as a self destruction when its clearly not deciding from the photographs in the wrongdoing scene where her body was perched on the latrine, her head hanging low and her eyes fully open as though she had a dull stun. There were a ton of trims and wounds on her body, blood recolored her white uniform and her hair likewise absorbed her own blood. There were additionally photos of her when she was being analyzed in the post - mortem examination room, her body totally beaten to mash strange. 

This isn't a self destruction. 

So I chose to call the official in control for this case to answer a couple of my inquiries through a call, I presumably lost tally at how often I attempted to contact that official yet it appears the call wasn't coming to, yet sooner or later, he at long last replied. 

"Ugh. Hi?" his voice somewhat exhausted and imposing, presumably just woke up. 

"Official, it's me the boss" I replied back, I heard tumbling sounds from his line and heard his voice tremble. 

"Boss! Great night sir, what would i be able to accomplish for you?" there was an adjustment in his voice from drained and imposing to somewhat happy. 

"OK indeed, I was thinking about whether you could respond to a couple of inquiries in regards to with this case which includes a secondary school young lady who ended it all simply a year ago." I stated, despite everything examining the envelope and perusing her examination report. 

"Self destruction?" He asked in a confounded voice. "Gracious you imply that young lady found in the bathroom?" I heard a sound of flipping pages, likely him burrowing through his past cases he took a shot at. 

"Indeed that young lady named Park Young Ji" I answered. 

" OK indeed, discovered her. What is wrong with this case sir?" He inquired. 

"Indeed, would you be able to state all that you found in the wrongdoing scene?" 

"Umm sure. Her body was first found by the janitor who goes to class at 5am each morning to clean, however he detailed that there was an odd smell inside the young lady's bathroom so he glimpsed inside to discover a pool of blood at this specific desk area so he promptly called for help. After certain examinations and cross examinations from her schoolmates, we have arrived at a resolution that she ended it all." 

"Better believe it I see, yet as indicated by her post - mortem examination report, she got various sharp wounds, for example, a blow on her head, there were a few profound slits on her wrists and lower leg, darkish wounds on her back and a pulled tooth, it was likewise expressed from her research facility results that she was explicitly ambushed. Would you be able to clarify why this is by one way or another considered as a self destruction?" I said somewhat distraught deciding from the tone of my voice.

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