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EXPOSED: See The NEW Methods Ritualists Use To KIDNAP People. Please Read And Save Your Life

Most people are not aware of the new patterns of operation ritualist use these days. Please we all have to be careful of what we do, many people have met their end because of common mistakes. Please I would like you to share this post to as many as possible to save lives and to reduce the activities of ritualists. Below are some of the new methods they use to operate, you might have heard about it but your friends might not have heard of it; so please don't hesitate to share this message.

1. Sometimes they usually ask for help, you might see them on the road and they might ask you to help them get something from their car or help them carry something out of their car. At this point when the person is about the render help they will easily push the person inside the car. Please beware of this and don't always go inside people's car to help them.

2. Sometimes they can ask for address and tell you to help them locate somewhere, once you try to explain the location of where they are looking for they would tell you to enter the car and direct them. They usually use this pattern to operate, please don't go to help any random person on the road by entering inside their car.

3. At times they can call you on phone pretending to be your old friend and telling you to come to a particular place so you could discuss. Please don't go to visit people at strange places especially when you are not familiar with them. This is very important and some people might not be aware of this method of operation.

4. They might even send employment text messages to your phone telling you to come to a particular venue for instant employment. Please don't go to places you don't know just because of text messages which you don't know the source it came from. They usually use this method to operate so please be very careful.

Share this message to your friends and family to enlighten them of the methods ritualists use these days. You can save someone's life by sharing. May God protect you and never allow any evil eye to see you in Jesus name.

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