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Check Out the New TRICKS Used By Criminals Who Steals In Lagos Traffic(VIDEO)

Check Out the New TRICKS Used By Criminals Who Steals In Lagos Traffic(VIDEO)

The spate of crime in the country has continued to increase despite tremendous effort by the Nigeria Police Force to put it under control. While the members of the Nigeria Police Force employ some innovative tactics to apprehend these criminals, they have also evolved other ways of robbing off the people of their goods and belongings. In Lagos, there are have been reported and several unreported cases of pickpocketing especially in traffic. Out of these cases, a few victim have been severely injured and even killed.

Lagos State is unarguably the economic hub of the country and the West Africa Sub-region. With a population of over 20million, it has continued to witness influx of people particularly those from the rural areas as there is a general belief that money revolves round the mega city and there is no way you will be stay and work there without be successful in life.

The increasing number of criminals in the state can't be overemphasized as this could be seen in the activities of groups such as Baddoo, One Million Boys and Gbese asides from some organized crimes such as Bank robbery and kidnapping etc.

Recently, the Lagos State Police Command arrested two traffic robbery suspects who shared their new tricks after they had been caught in one of the numerous operations.

According to one the suspect, he said that they often go to any traffic light spot and target when the vehicular movement would be halted by the light. Once that is done, one of them would strangle the driver to his seat while he removes phones or any other valuables from the car.

The other suspect who proudly identified himself as a pickpocket, said there is no where and no one he can't pick pocket from. Sounding like an expert, he said his area of operation is usually around Ikeja, Secretariat, Kara and almost everywhere there is traffic light. He said he disposes his stolen phones to one Sego in Mile 13 and Baba Iyabo. He confidently said he uses the money, realized from the stolen phones to drink small stout and fearless drink before enjoying the rest of his night with some prostitutes.

They were caught after a successful operation in Berger, where they had robbed a man off his iPhone X phone, and with the hope of selling to their regular clients in Ladipo Market of Oshodi. Getting to Oshodi in the night, some police officers suspected them to be thieves and mandated a searched on them. This search revealed the stolen iPhone X brand of phone.

Watch the Video Here:

What do you think about their trick and the criminals themselves?

Is the NPF doing enough to stop criminal activity in the country?

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