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SAY NO TO RAPE.These are the bad effects of rape on victims.

Raping which many consider as the act of forceful sex or unintentional sex is far more beyond just the physical effect.

In our world today both genders fall victim of this deadly act as it is believed that those who are raped willingly ask for it maybe through the way they dress or through the way they behave around the opposite sex,but sadly this days their​ are cases of rapes in marriages,whereby one spouse forcefully impose sex acts on the other and if reverse is the case and he or she doesn't comply then they are said to be cheating outside the marriage or relationship.

While many believe that all rapists are strangers,it is painful to know that it's not always so, strangers won't stop an unknown person and rape them,most times rapes comes from those who are close to us either in our working places, schools, neighborhood or any where we are always found.

But that's not my reason for writing this article,many people believe that rape affect only the physical body of the victim but that's not true..below are the remorseful things it does to the victim:

Emotional trauma:

Victims of rapes find it hard to love and trust again.They always think that all opposite sex have the same mindset and that possibilities of being raped again is high.

It's sad to found out that most single individuals in our world today are having trust issues which might have come as result of sexual assault,many marriages and relationship get broken because of that and when separation of divorce happens,the victim would all feel that trauma all days of his/her life.

Even if they get to love again they don't do it with their hearts because they don't want to feel heartbroken again.

Physical effect:

This is the main effect of being raped.The victims if it's a girl child suffers forceful penetrations which could lead to injuries within or outside her private parts and if the case is a male child,it would lead to forceful erections and unintentional ejaculations.

Though rape might not come from anal sex alone,when the victim is forced to oral sex or forced to do some foul plays which he/she does without her consent it is tagged rape.While the rapist enjoys it,he renders the victim to many sexually transmitted diseases which might be incurable and it could lead to death.


No victim of rape would be happy after the incidence,it would take a matter of time to forget the memories and to continue with life the normal way they have always been doing.

Depression kills as it causes hatred for everyone around you,victims easily transfer agresion and they find it hard to feel happy anymore.In marriages the victim wont be in harmony with their spouse and this can affect their kids, leaving them uncared-for and that would affect the mentality of the child,as they could involve theirseleves into something else just to pass away time and be happy.

Psychological trauma:

There would always be changes in the mindset of victims in their behaviors and towards People around them.Their minds could be filled with regrets,shame and low self-esteem as they would always have that impression that they are of low class and that's why they where raped which is not so.

Research has shown that rapist hurt their victims not because of their dress or because of their body or not because they have hatred for the person but because they see that the victim is vulnerable and that the victim can't overpower them.

And that's why most rapist drug their victims if they can't hurt them quietly and some of them threaten their victims because so they would be scared and they would give in easily.

Whatever the case is, rape is bad and ungodly whether with a stranger or with your partner.

Having a peaceful sex for some minutes with consent is worth more than having forceful sex for hours without their consent.

Someone else needs to see this,like share and drop your opinions below.

Kindly Follow up and let's make the world a safe place.


Thanks and stay safe.

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