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5 Ways To Avoid And Stay Out Of Trouble From The Nigerian SARS Operatives

5 Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble From SARS Operatives

We have heard many sad tales that constantly torture us, of the extra judicial indecent killings of innocent civilian wrongly tagged criminals or yahoo boys by so called Sars Operatives. Below are some tips on how to avoid them. 

1.) Always look decent, yes I know being fashionable is cool but then looking decent gets you more respect, I mean your looks matter alot. It's okay to keep dreadlocks but then 

2.) Stop when flagged down: Don't try to claim right, brother this is Nigeria simply obey their rules when asked to stop and park by one side of the road and hear what they want to tell you first. 

3.) Don't argue with them: Many atimes when they stop you and begin questioning, instead of most riders to just answer them they turn it into an argument with them. 

4.)Avoid tinted glasses: always try to avoid using tinted glasses on your car shields and if you must make sure to have all. necessary permits and documents associated with using a tinted glass, tinted glasses always raises suspicion. 

5.)Call Sega Link: Should incase the underlisted tips don't work for you above, to avoid any unnecessary further confrontations with them in the first place, just place a call to renowned human rights activists and anti sars celebrity, Segalink to come to your rescue.

Content created and supplied by: Jaelz (via Opera News )

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