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Smugglers Bursted As Airports Securities Find Cocaine Inside Coffee Beans (Photos)

Earlier, a 150g of Cocaine was bursted in a smuggling racket after Italian police spotted a fake coffee firm which shared its name with the mafia boss in John Wicks movies.

The officers intercepted the package of 500 coffee beans after it was sent from Colombia to Italy in an airplane. They suspected the parcel after the found the name Santino D'Antonio on the both of the parcel and they recalled it to be the same name with the mafia boss in John Wick movies.

On a closer look, they found out the beans have all been hallowed and filled with illegal substances after testing it. It was closed back again with brown tapes to blend with the color of the beans.

The goods which was all concealed in secret was addressed to a shop in Florence. The police authorities track the goods pretending not to have discovered the secret. When they foods arrived its final destination, a 50 years old man was the one who received it and was apprehend.

This is not the first time Smugglers have tried to move hard drugs with coffee deliveries in the country. It is just an another failed attempt and was great to have sensitive securities on ground to intercept it.


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