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How I Discovered That I Am Not The Biological Father Of My Four Children (Fiction)

How I Discovered That I Am Not The Biological Father Of My Four Children (Fiction)

My name is Pedro and I am 36 years of age, I live with my wife "Linda" in the city of Port Harcourt, I am a mechanical engineer and also the boss of my company.

Linda who is my wife had five children " four boys and a girl", i was very happy as a father of five children "four son's and a daughter" what more could I have hoped for.

I loved and cared for my family and my wife and sometimes I would take a day off work to make it up to my family, we go on expensive outings, picnics and shoppings, we lived in peace for a very long time before something happened.

It all happened when I decided to stay home during the lockdown in order to spend more time with my family, during my stay at home, i suddenly discovered something strange in my wife's behavior as she would walk away from me when making phone call's, the most disturbing fact was that she even placed a lock on her phone making it difficult for me to unlock.

This behavior of her's made me worried and suspicious, I sometimes question her when she make's such suspicious phone call's and she would reply me with a very harse tone.

Things kept going bad as she would sometimes leave home without telling me, only to come home late at night with very silly excuses, I kept cautioning her but she wouldn't listen, i tried all I could but all my effort was to no avail instead she kept doing more and more until something happened.

It was 12:00am at midnight when my wife's phone rang out and my wife started whispering on phone, i also woke up but pretended to be asleep.

My wife suddenly walked out of the bed room to the kitchen where she was whispering on phone, I followed her without being noticed and listened to all her conversations, according to what I heared she was talking to a young man on phone who promised to come and take her and his children to the United State.

I was shocked, angry and heart broken, I also wanted to confront her openly but I refused and went back to bed, I couldn't close my eye's as I was in so much pain.

The next morning breakfast was served, but I wasn't hungry, i couldn't even stand the sight of her as I was filled with so much pain and hatred as I felt betrayed, although she didn't noticed it as she thought I wasn't aware.

I became so confused and sad since the day of my painful discovery, but after enough thinking I decided to see things for my self, I decided to take five of my kid's to the hospital to perform a DNA test in order to find out the real truth about my children but instead what I saw made me shocked.

After a while, the DNA test result was out and when I looked at it I shed bitter tears I got home without altering a single word to my wife, she became scared too since she has never seen me that angry and sad.

I couldn't say a word, I just sat down thinking of what to say or do to her, after a while I showed her the DNA test result which proved that I am not the biological father of my four son's and that only my daughter was my true and only child.

She became shocked when she saw the DNA test result and started crying and pleading for forgiveness, but how could I forgive after all these years we've been together.

Please I need your advice and opinion cause I don't know what else to do, should I send her out of my house or should i forgive her? Drop your comments bellow and share, also like and follow us for more updates and latest trends.

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