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I am going to be My Sister's Chief Brides Maid but I Heard Her Saying This Over the Phone(Fiction)

I am a twenty five year old lady and I do the best I can do to always improve myself in any positive way. My sisters are two and we have a younger brother. The four of us grew up together and even though we fight and quarrel sometimes we still make up in one way or the other. There is a cold war between my sister and I. Her wedding is this weekend but I heard her saying this.Among the four of us however, it seemed I always had issues with my elder sister the most. Even though I try to ignore some things, I still feel wrong when I don't speak up and this might cause a greater quarrel. In fact, it seemed that the more I tried to resist the temptation to exchange words with her the more we quarreled. Some people might not understand at all while those who have been or that are currently in my shoes would understand. To cut the long story short, we have issues because of shoes, bags, errands and regular home chores. This weekend, this particular sister of mine is getting married and I know that I am undergoing hell week now with her. Every decision and contributions I make to ensure a successful wedding, my sister always saw a problem embedded in it.

when I suggested that I would make my hair on the Friday against Saturday which was her wedding proper she protested angrily. The list of issues goes on and on. Today, as i was passing her room I heard her over the phone speaking to someone whom I suspected to be her husband.

She told him about every preparation so far and what shocked me was when she said that I wanted to steal her day as the bride from her. She said I wanted to be as new as the bride. This discovery made me so shocked. I never knew my sister could not trust me. I am meant to be her chief brides' maid by Saturday but after hearing this I think I should just think of an excuse why I would not be her chief brides' maid anymore. Am not exactly sure of how to do this but I don't want my sister pointing accusing fingers at me or even developing any form of hate for me. Please what should i do. How can I handle this situation peacefully. Only valuable and reasonable advice is needed. Thank you.

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